It really depends what type of project you have to tackle. Contact Stumpy Scaffolding to help you choose the right equipment for your site. Whether it’s a commercial or residential job, we can help.

It depends on the height of the site that you need to work on. Call us to get an inspection and quote.

Yes, depending on the height of the scaffold. If it is less than 4 metres high no licence is needed, but it is recommended that a licensed professional erect the structure due to health and safety.

Scaffolding licences are valid for 5 years and they are recognised Australia-wide.

Scafftags is a safety tagging system, which assists with the control of scaffolding from erection to disassembly. It is not a strict legal necessity but using this system helps to acknowledge and record that the scaffold has been checked.

Workers Working on Wall Cement — Dismantling Experts in Townsville, QLD
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